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the history of beth shalom

     messianic fellowship

Beth Shalom began as a home fellowship in Colton, California in 1987.  Originally called Shalom Fellowship (led by Bill and Nancy Rothschild), Shalom Fellowship met vital spiritual needs within the Messianic Jewish community in southern California. 
One year later, in May of 1988, Rabbi Bruce Booker became the leader of Shalom Fellowship and changed the name to Beth Shalom.  John Popp first became acquainted and eventually good friends with Rabbi Bruce Booker and his wife Trish while attending Beth Shalom in California.
In 1991 Rabbi Bruce and Trish left the Beth Shalom California congregation and planted a Messianic ministry in Scranton, PA until September 1995.  Rabbi Booker accepted a position in a communications company in Memphis, TN until 1998.  From there they relocated to Priest River, ID and in late 1999 began the ministry here in Northern Idaho with the same name as the one they left in California so many years earlier.  In May of 2000 John and his wife Laura reconnected with them. 
In September 2000 the Lord gave John a prophetic dream that he and Laura would be moving to Sandpoint, Idaho.  During their time in California John and Laura had learned many dances which would help in teaching those interested in learning the dances once they were reestablished in community.
Upon arriving in Sandpoint they partnered with Rabbi Bruce to establish Beth Shalom Messianic Fellowship.  
In 2001 Rabbi Bruce ordained John Popp as Pastor of Beth Shalom Messianic Fellowship while Bruce started a community called Beth Yeshua in Priest River, Idaho. 
In 2003 Pastor John and Laura moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where Beth Shalom Messianic Community was relocated to Post Falls, Idaho, our present location.  
In 2019 Pastor John and Laura were called out of the area and are temporarily in California with family.
Before leaving, Pastor John put Rosh Zaken Bill Miller in charge of leadership at Beth Shalom and a few months later came back to ordain Bill into ministry as Pastor of Beth Shalom with Rabbi Bruce Booker's blessing.
Now under the leadership of Pastor Bill Miller, Beth Shalom Messianic Fellowship continues its original vision of the past congregational leaders.  We exist as a Torah pursuant fellowship of Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua the Messiah with a mission to help both Jewish and non-Jewish people return back to God and to the light of Torah.  By returning to the ancient paths, being grafted into the Olive Tree of faith and coming together as the One New Man, we will then be able to proclaim the light of Torah to both the Jewish and non-Jewish people for the purpose of repentance, testimony, and empowerment by Messiah's grace and through the Ruach HaKodesh.


Rabbi Bruce Booker

Pastor John and Laura.JPG

Pastor John and

Laura Popp


Pastor Bill Miller


Pastor Bill and Robin Miller

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