Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Beth Shalom


Shalom.  Welcome to the website for Beth Shalom Messianic Jewish Fellowship in the

Post Falls-Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area.  We are a fellowship of Jewish and Gentile believers

in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.  We believe strongly in covenantal relationships written

by the Torah through our Messiah.  This covenant extends to each of us in our

individual and collective walk with our Lord Yeshua. 

If you desire to unite with the Jewish people and their heritage, experience the

Jewishness of the faith, and unite with others who want to observe

His commandments because of love, then this is the congregation for you.


We are a Messianic Fellowship pursuing the Torah of love as reflected in the holy life and walk of our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).


We come together regularly to fellowship and worship together.

We meet weekly on the

Shabbat (Saturday) as well as

on Jewish feast days. 


At Beth Shalom we have several areas of service. Find your place at Beth shalom and begin serving today!